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Ming Yao investment is an excellent private equity fund management company in China, one of China's Securities Investment Fund Association members, and one of the first 50 private equity fund managers allowed to register.Mr. Ceng Zhaoxiong is the founder of the company and our captain". All along, we focus on the long-term value of enterprises, is the growing value of the investment philosophy of leader and practitioner; we adhere to the "growth" and Chaoyang investment philosophy, adhere to the industrial investment in long-term vision mining Niugu, outstanding stock picking ability cast employment performance long-term survival.The company's management fund size of 4 billion 200 million yuan, a total of 10 private equity fund products, of which 8 private equity investment funds, 2 private equity funds and special asset management account.With excellent investment performance, Yao Ming Investment gained wide recognition from the society and counterparts, and won…

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Fund manager





Investment idea

Forcastly, industry investor perspective, tries to win the outstanding company continued high growth in the future, the advantages of the industry, economic transition and structural adjustment (future Niugu).

More emphasis on future prospects, business models, innovation capabilities
Invest in the future, long term (at least 3-5 years) rather than short term (6 months, 3 months)
Focus on intrinsic value, intrinsic rewards, not short-term trends
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